Hi Linda! Thank you so much for letting us take over The Dale Manor for the day! I think everyone left wanting to move in haha.

Linda and I met on social media when I reached out looking for a venue to use for a styled wedding shoot. When she said that we could use The Dale Manor I was straight on google to check it out. Needless to say, one look at the beautifully decorated building with its rustic charm I came straight back to her with a big YES PLEASE!

There were so many amazing features in this place I just had to quiz Linda all about it!

Here’s what we talked about.

 I love the story behind how you came to own the dale manor, such an amazing community effort, could you tell me a bit more about how this came about?

Its a really long story, but in short: The former Dale Hotel had been derelict for 11 years when it went up for auction. We went too and were amazed when the property didnt sell as all developers would not “touch it with a barge pole”, so Tony and I – and as it turned out a great many more – approached the auctioneer with an offer. To our huge surprise, ours was accepted. However, the banks offer of support fell through and we risked not managing the purchase. The village of Allendale however was delighted that we were going to restore the property and we found a great many sponsors from within the small town to help us buy the huge 40 bedroom dilapidated building. As we refurbished each section and started generating an income, we were able to repay the village investors and attract bank investment to tackle the largest section in 2018: The Dale Manor.

What was it about this property that you fell in love with?

Have a look at the sleeping beauty on this page: http://the-dale.co.uk/history

Although we didn’t use your other spaces I am aware that you have several accommodations alongside the dale manor, what do they comprise of? Also what would be the total capacity if someone wanted to book all of the accommodation available?

The Dale properties are ideal to book together: The Dale cottage sleeps up to 5 guests in two ensuite bedrooms, the Dale townhouse sleeps 6 guests in 3 ensuite bedrooms, the Allendale Bunkhouse consists of 10 bedrooms and sleeps up to 39 guests with the Dale manor sleeping 18 – total capacity: 68. Within the village, there are easily another 60 beds in different B&B’s public houses and the Northumberland Adventure centre.

What do you love about The Dale Manor today?

The Dale Manor has such charm and class that one just trys to come up with an excuse to have a celebration – it is the ideal venue for family and friends to socialise and spend time together creating wonderful memories. Each character can find their “favourite spot”, be it the rustic games cellar, the beautiful Greenwood spa, the roof terrace at sunset, then gin deck or bonfire pit, the cosy lounge or huge table inviting you to sit, play or chat.

The outside space was gorgeous and the view was beautiful:

Where would you like to take the business in the future?

The Dale Manor is on its way to become a well known venue for small to medium sized celebrations in Northumberland with fantastic customer service and fabulous ideas for each and every occasion.

I know we spoke about a marquee, do you already hold weddings here and if so where in the property is licensed for the ceremony?

We are working closely with Curious Tent Hire who are making a bespoke wedding marquee that fits perfectly into the Dale Manor Garden. Current law prohibits us to use this temporary structure as a licensed wedding venue, but this law is changing, possibly this year. However, most of our couple have the ceremony in Allendale Church or indeed Hexham Registry Office and then come for additional hand binding or other ceremonies at the venue and celebrate with all their families and friends.

We loved the upstairs spa, what made you decide to add this into the venue?

The spa is what sets the venue apart from many other beautiful group accommodations. Others may have an outdoor type hot tub, but we wanted something extra special and luxurious. The spa is a rural escape from busy family or party life downstairs, coming up to the rook of the building has a real serenity, which we love.

No really we LOVED the spa! We wish we had been staying rather than working.

What sort of events/groups have you hosted in this venue in the past?

Mostly birthday celebrations, fabulous hen do’s, family gatherings, friends wanting to escape and family holidays.

Crisps or chocolate?

Crisps with beer, chocolate with wine 😉

When you’re not involved in the business what do you like to do with your time?

I have recently moved from next door to the Dale manor to an old and run down Allendale Hill Farm and inherited lots of animals with the site including 2 highland cows, donkeys, goats & sheep. I do that as well as looking after my own horse, dog and cat. I also love going on adventures with my husband and two kids. We spent a month in Panama last year, i am just returning from spending time in Germany.

OMG I am so jealous of all your animals! It makes sense that your venue is dog friendly, our chaperone brought 2 lovely pooches along to shoot with us on the day:

What’s special about the dale manor over other options in the area?

The Dale Manor is exclusively yours for the duration of your stay, no sharing with other guests, no stressful reception area and awkward checkin in – its a home away from home for your guests. However, it is also on the market place with three country pubs, 2 cafes, an art gallery and well stocked coop and farm shop. The Dale Manor has the best of both worlds – and if there is a venue that can match the Dale Manor in style, size and location, then we can throw in the fabulous garden, views, possibility to add to capacity wioth surrounding cottages and spa facilities – and voila, here is your unique venue! Not to mention the wonderful walks starting straight from the doorstep along rivers and up more and more.

We got sausage sarnies from the cafe across the road- they were delicious!

We felt so welcome and looked after while we were there, what can customers expect when they arrive?

Our guests are welcomed by us upon arrival with a show aroudn of the venue and quick instructyion on how to operate the sauna & hot tub. On request the fiore is burning and we serve welcoem prosecco and carry bags to rooms. Guests can also expect fresh flowers and a card detailing “what’s on” in the area for the duration of their stay. (To be truthful, our welcome starts two weeks before arrival, when we contact our guests with a host of information about locally available chefs, about beauticians who coem to the Dale Manor, about adventurous outdoor activities we offer, about pony trekking at Sinderhope, the Allendale Golf Course, Allendale Tennis, trips to Hadrian’s Wall and Roman Forts, nearby breathtaking National Trust places,suggestions about meals out in the village or further afield and much more to plan the perfect stay.)

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