Amie from DIY-A-WEDDING helped us style our shoot with some beautiful table dressings, love lights and flower arch all of which she hires out for various events, in particular weddings.

This was not the first time she and I met.

In August of 2019 I was her wedding photographer!

Being part of such a memorable day and seeing all of the work that had gone into dressing her venue really solidified our friendship and these days I wouldn’t do a shoot without her!

But I wanted to chat to her more about her business so managed to grab her for a chat. Here’s what went on…


This is one of my favorite all time shots that I took at Amies wedding!

How did you get into your business?

When I got engaged I knew I wanted a set of love lights at the wedding but couldn’t justify the price to hire them.

I love a project, learning a lot of DIY skills from renovating my house so I just decided to make my own. From there the obsession grew, I can never be without a project on the go so I have expanded to offer a number of one of a kind, handmade decorations.

I have a one of a kind selfie frame that I’ve never seen available anywhere else in the UK, I’ve only ever seen pictures of them on Pinterest. My attention to detail on my larger items means that they are beautiful and functional, for example my doughnut wall is very large and rustic feeling, a lot of other walls that I have seen are basic MDF so mine feels more luxurious than a lot of other options out there. I’ve just recently added 4ft rose gold love letters to my offering and these are one of a kind!

What do you love about what you do?

 I love being able to offer couple’s the chance to have decorations at their wedding that they may have thought weren’t in their budget. Fueled half by my passion to bring down the costs of weddings and also that I love doing DIY, I can be more affordable and I love it when I talk to couples and they are so happy to have a couple of their dream items rather than compromising on just having one.

What inspired you to dress the venue in the way you did?

The Dale Manor has the perfect blend of being rustic but very modern and stylish. I wanted to do a take on rustic without a log slice in sight! I love using dried flowers as they give a very countryside feel while looking elegant at the same time. I used a mix of pampas grass, bunny tails and wheat in shades of cream and light pinks which were complemented by copper pipe candle stick holders. I love to use copper pipe as it polishes to a gorgeous rose gold colour. The whole look was softened with light blue cheesecloth table runner and chair sashes.

Cheesecloth seems to be really popular at the moment, how would you describe it?

I was actually searching for linen when I discovered cheesecloth! I have no idea what makes cheesecloth cheesecloth ha ha, but the fabric definitely has more texture, it is soft enough to give a lovely rustic feel but strong enough that you can work with it to stay in place, for example putting bows in chair sashes unlike chiffon sashes as they won’t hold their shape.


What is your most popular item or package?

My most popular item is my 4ft rustic love lights.

I also have a very popular package which includes:

Doughnut wall,  Woodland archway,  love lights, selfie frame and postbox hire all for only £250

What are you working on at the minute?

Currently I am working on a set of 5ft flower filled ‘I DO’ letters

Looks like hard work!- I hope you’re staying hydrated Amie?!


Where do you see your business in the future?

 I want to make weddings simpler for couples and become a one stop shop for all things wedding décor.

I am currently expanding my table dressing options as demonstrated in the dressing for this shoot. A lot of couples ask me if I have a particular colour or material, which if I don’t I can nearly always get my hands on some to hire out to them, this helps me to build my offerings.

The plan is to have 4 different style setting offerings that can also be added into other packages when hiring larger items.

If a couple likes your style how do they get in touch?

 I’m on Facebook:



or you can email me on

Tel 07887380586

Once a couple has found you what can they expect from the process from first getting in touch through to their wedding day?

 If you decide to hire any products from me, I ask for a small deposit to secure the date and then I’m available for help and advice right up to the date of your wedding. I always tell my couples they can message me any time, even just for general wedding chat when maybe their friends and family are needing a break from all things weddings. I contact the venue within a month of the wedding to arrange access to set up, giving couples one less thing to think about. I usually set up the day before and then send photos to check that they are happy with everything.

What’s your best advice to couples looking to diy their own wedding?

I think doing DIY is a lovely way to personalise your wedding and add something that really shows your tastes. Try not to give yourself too much to do though. You don’t want to exhaust yourself the day before or morning of your wedding setting everything up. If you having willing friends and family then use them, or consider using a company who will set everything up for you.

Anything that is hired from me I will set up, and can also accommodate setting up other items the couple may have hired or even made themselves and include this in a package for them.

If you could go back to when you first thought about setting up your business and give yourself one bit of advice what would it be?

I would probably tell myself to start weight lifting as some of my products are quite large and heavy!

Sunshine or snow?

 Although I love the snow because my dog does, sunshine always lifts my spirits and I also love sunglasses at weddings!

Why not check out all of the images from the shoot, and give Amie a shout to get your wedding decorations ticked off your list?

Making Magic | The Dale Manor