Choosing the right photographer to shoot your wedding day can sometimes be a mine field! I hope by giving you a little intro to my style and my vibe I can help you to get a sense of who I am and if I’m the kind of photographer you would like hanging out with you on the day!

Having fun with you on the day makes your experience full of smiles and laughter as well as keeping you and your guests relaxed. However you can frequently find me hiding away to capture those sneaky images when you don’t even know I’m there.

When you are choosing the right photographer for you I always say consider 2 things – Do you like their work and do like their banter?! If you can answer yes to both you have found a great match 🙂

Choosing the right photographer | About me…

I am dog crazy and generally animal mad , I currently have 2 dogs and 2 cats but my husband has put a ban on any more… for now haha!

I love cake and potatoes- I’m anyones for a bag of chips and a lemon muffin!

I have been married to my lovely husband since 2014 and we have been together for much longer! We are like chalk and cheese but we make the perfect partnership! I cook and he does the dishes 🙂

The love of my life is my fur baby Izzy.

I have always had dogs in my life but having always rescued before, Izzy was my first ever puppy.

I suppose you could say that my love for dogs lead me to my work now. I decided to launch my business in 2018 specialising in canine photography. Having worked with apdt canine professionals in training and enrichment dog classes I used my knowledge to get the most amazing dog portraits!

A videographer friend of mine recommended I give wedding photography a try and well, I fell in love and the rest is history!

I love that I get to meet amazing people everyday and I love hearing your love story. It is my absolute honour and privilege to be part of such a special moment in your life.

Let’s make some magic.

Photos of me shot by my wonderful friend Rebecca Reece Photography